This is a great week!! :) I've got layouts chosen for Layout of The Day twice this week!! :) First was the one at One Page At A Time. Second one.. I received an email yesterday from Jess at Scrap Galaxy that one of my layout has been chosen to be LOTD for 6 December. :) I didn't know which one till I saw it on their homepage.

This 12 x 16 canvas I altered is the one they chose! :D

Well.. not much going on apart from crazy days at work. Friday I'll be attending a farewell at the Indonesian embassy. The Defence Attache and his family are leaving. Going to miss Gana (the son)... he's a great guy.. great fun..Hope I'll get to meet him again sometime in the future.

Saturday is our work Christmas party. We've been invited to the bosses' house for pre-dinner drinks. They've just finished renovating their house recently.. and I'm really excited to see it. Everyone's being kept in the dark about the venue of our Christmas dinner... so it'll be fun to find out. Now just to figure out what to wear.

I guess that's all from me for today.. till the next post.. have a great week everyone!!

6 Responses
  1. Shirls Says:

    congrats on the lotd! well deserved:)

  2. nat Says:

    Beautiful and stunning LO again!

  3. Lynda Says:

    Woohoo, you are on a roll there girl, love that canvas! Enjoy your Christmas do.

  4. Wilna Says:

    HI there! thanks for visiting me! I LOVE this page!! you go girl!


  5. denean Says:

    congrats on the LOTD picks!! Love the canvas!!

  6. ~currant7 Says:

    congts girl!
    very much you gotta start somewhere...and soon you'll be forgetting the "little people"...I'm savoring these moments for now. hahaha! joke!