I discovered 2peas. I found a great place to learn about scrapping - something that I've come to seriously love and cannot go by a day without.

I've met amazing people on 2Peas.. got a wealth of information.. 2Peas is a place where I've made great friendships.. learned about the latest and greatest in scrapping and also non-scrapping stuff. :D

I just can't imagine what my life would be without 2Peas - Shirley said that it would be more boring and less complicated! :D But what kind of life is that? Not a very fun one I'd say...

I know this post is backdated because I started drafting it on the 13th.... and I've not had time to update till now...
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  1. Pearl Maple Says:

    One year on 2 peas can be a year full of fun times, meeting new people and learning new things. We enjoy your company and your contribution to the group.