Okay despite all my intentions to update on Monday about my weekend, it didn't happen. Life got in the way... LOL! I don't even know where to start... I had a huge weekend and a lot of little things to share... so be warned... this will be a crazy long post!

1. Friday night I stayed up all night scrapping Round 4 (check 2 posts down for layout).

2. Saturday morning - Just when I just about dozed off at around 8am... someone banged on my door and I saw that it was the courier guy... YAY! :D But I just didn't have energy to check what I got.. so went back to sleep. Woke up a few hours later and opened the box to find this:

Just how beautiful are these??! Got them from the Netherlands.. my friend Silvia helped me get them. I just LOOOOOVE the colors.. and a bonus... they're FELT!

3. On Saturday afternoon I started my first class for Freestyle Down Under organised by
Kiwiscraps. Thank goodness my class started at 2.30pm so I could sleep in after staying up all night! My first class was Rhonna Farrer's Art Attack. This class was really fun and intense at the same time. Rhonna is just sooooo much fun. I really enjoyed her class. We used manila folders to make a mini album to house artwork or photos. I've not quite decided what to put in mine yet actually. For the art journal, we used Autumn Leaves products - Rhonna's designs.... and also the new stamps. You really needed to concentrate hard in this class due to the way the album is assembled.

Each page does not match on each other but the next set of pages matches the first one. Confusing right?! Oh.. it helps if you have spare glue! I ran out of gluestick towards the end of the class... OMG! Anyway... I haven't fully finished this one yet... so will post the completed photos when I do finish it! LOL!

4. After class, my dinner plans somewhat got changed.. so I went to a bookstore and got some more glue stick and an extra roll of adhesive and went off to Starbucks for coffee and some sort of dinner. And I still had over an hour to kill.. so I went to Jay's work (he wasn't there yet) and played pool with his boss/friend. Pretty fun.....

5. Met up with Jo, Donna and Gina and went with them to get dinner 'cos they just finished class at 6.50pm. That was quite a rush.. and we went back to the Duxton Hotel for the crop.

6. At the crop we started off with prizes. David got us to stand up and to check under our chairs. Anyone with a ticket under it had to then check for a number. Mine didn't have a number.. but everyone who had a card still got a prize. Got a paperpack.. :)

We also got to watch short videos of each artists' scrap space... it was really cool and interesting to see where they create and how they organise their supplies! Emily's movie was like a doco from Animal Planet! That was a really fun take on the movie. Tried to take pictures of all the tutors together - it was really hard to get a shot where everyone was looking at the camera (almost anyway)... so here it is....after 7 takes!

Wendy Redhaw-Bruhns, Tia Bennett, Rhonna Farrer, Zina Wright, Kim Henkel, Emily Falconbridge

After that, the tutors all came up the front to show their make and takes.. they weren't staying and just showed us what the make-and-takes looked like. I did get them to sign my Freestyle book... and a photo each with Rhonna Farrer & Tia Bennett. :D
Me & Rhonna

Me & Tia Bennett

Jo, Donna, Gina and I then went around the 4 different tables and did the make and takes.. had lots of fun laughing and chatting.. and of course no other scrapping done! Went home really tired but had an awesome time!

Gina, Michelle, Jo & Donna

Got home and prepared the things I needed for my class the next day. 8.30am on a Sunday! Insane! :D Practically crashed around 12.30am.

7. Sunday morning 8.30am - Emily Falconbridge's class - Wall Art. This was sooooooo much fun! I really enjoyed this class... it really took away all my fears of using fabric and paint.. and feels really liberating! Emily brought 2 canvases that she did and showed us in class. Here they are:

Emily's Canvases

The start of my canvas

My completed canvas - I really really LOVE my canvas.. it's done in colors that I really like and a quote that I believe in. This canvas is now mounted on my bedroom wall! Makes me really happy looking at it everyday!

Emily & I - after class

8. Finally got the Look Book and the Designing with Color book - both from Autumn Leaves. I've had my eye on these 2 books since they came out last year.. finally got them at CC07! I am slowly savoring each page of the books... :D

9. Happy Mail Monday and Tuesday

A beautiful handmade card from Marie Starr

Yummy goodies from my Happy Mail partner Vee

10. New scrappy goodies from 2Peas...Hambly, Bazzill Scallops, AC Greenhouse Felt Flowers, Queen & Co Felt trim, Queen & Co bling and buttons and alpha dots and brads, KI Memories Surprise Heartfelt Blooms, epoxy alphas and Surprise Cardstock Essentials, Surprise Color Lab, and Hambly Journaling overlays! YAY!

So there ya go! My epic post! I promise that I'll update sooner so that I don't put you through so much to read! :D If you've made it all the way to here.. CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for reading!

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  1. Alexis Says:

    ok....seriously jealous of your amazing weekend!!! Those pics are so fun and I ADORE your wall canvas. Absolutely STUNNING work!

  2. Nat Says:

    woooooooowww- what a cool time you had!!! And your canvas rocks- I totally love the colors and everything about it!

  3. Roo Says:

    Wow I loooove your canvas, it so colourful and just gorgeous. And wow you have had some very cool mail - sooo jealous lol

  4. Kelly Miller Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your canvas!!! How fun for you to be able to attend!

  5. Ruey Says:

    omg omg omg....heart thudding....pik pok pik pok.....your canvas is stunning and I love your quote!!! Insanely jealous that you got to meet all those awesome scrappers. I need to go next year....NEED TO!!! and Mich...those felt yummies from Netherlands...more details pls....I NEED to get some!

  6. scrapgeek Says:

    your canvas is very cool Michelle. Looks like you had a terrific time!!

  7. shirls Says:

    sounds like a really really great weekend, michelle:) i love that canvas of yours and drooling over all those felt!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog - this is the first time I've been to yours!
    Your work is beautiful - so colorful! I love the freestyle look, just can't pull it off myself (I'm too linear and all about the balance!), but that's why this hobby is so fabulous - everyone has their own style, which ultimately feeds our creativity!

  9. JazzScraps Says:


    What a great time you had....so, so, so jealous!! And I made it thru reading till the end of your blog!! Definitely a long one but so enriched with your wonderful time!!

    And that canvas is so GORGEOUS!!! And I want Happy Mail tooooooo!!!! And the 2Peas stuff are lovely..and..and...and...i could go on foreveeeeerrr!!

  10. Lisa G Says:

    Love your canvas! Fabric is so much fun!!!!

  11. Vee Says:

    so glad you like your goodies!!
    awesome post
    love your canvas!!

  12. Pandachu Says:

    EEEeeeee!! U lucky gal!! I love your work, I love your happy mail, I would love to have had the weekend you had and and and...yeah, i did finish ur post...hehe

  13. Eminepala Says:

    Your canvas ROCKS BIG TIME GIRLIE ;)... Sorry you didn't make it to the top 10... I did an article for the final round at SStreet... Dissapointment YOU SHOULD READ ;)

    You are talented sweetie.. I don't think I'm gonna win this either...

    BTW: the dandruf thing is REALLY weird but this is kind of an obsession to me since I'm a kid...What am i talking about I AM WEIRD LOL

  14. Shirley Says:

    LOVE your canvas! and thanks for sharing the awesome pictures! (jealous of your new goodies and of the card from Marie!

  15. noell Says:

    I LOVE your canvas! Love the colors you chose and the super fun photo.

    Nat sent me some of that same felt! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Let us know when you use some!!!

  16. Silvitanova Says:

    I loved reading this long post. You had a great weekend, I realy love your canvas. It's so full of joy!
    I'm glad you like the felt!! (nice collage!)
    Today is friday (well, at your side of the globe it's sathurday) and there is a new weeekend. HAVE FUN!

  17. ~currant7 Says:

    those are wonderful layouts - i'm sure that you ad tons and tons of fun at your classes. :D amazing mails and 2peas orders. :D
    can't wait to see more! :D

  18. Christen Says:

    I like that you type with the colors of the rainbow!!! :o)

  19. Christen Says:

    I like that you type with the colors of the rainbow!! :o)

  20. Kathleen Pitt Says:

    oh wow i SO LOVE that canvas you made, it so rocks. What an awesome time you had by the sounds of it!