Okay... slightly overdue post since the results of Round 4 will be out in less than 24 hours!

For Round 4 of ScrapStreet Star, our assignment was to post a challenge, scrap your own challenge and to get a friend to do your challenge too!

My challenge was called Scrap By Numbers
Scrap a layout with:

1 song lyric (the whole song or a part of it)
2 types of Chipboard elements - alphas or flowers or swirls (you can use as many as you want of each type)
3 transparent products (Ghost shapes, transparencies, clear buttons)
4 different types of patterned paper (Does not matter if they are from the same
manufacturer, they just have to be different)
5 ribbons/fibre
6 different manufacturers' products (For example, your embellishments and patterned papers in total should be from 6 different manufacturers)
7 colors on the actual layout

I enlisted my dear friend, Amy's help to do my challenge. Here's her take:

The Good Stuff

Fellow Glam Girl, Debbie asked me what I had to do for Round 4 and when I told her, she so kindly offered to do my challenge too! Here's her version:

We Are Family

Sorry I can only post links as I don't have the original photos.
I had a bit of problem with this round... not so much with the challenge... but just had a crazy week which caused my mojo to go into hiding. I did get my layout done though.. here it is:

Thanks for peeking! Will be back to update about my fun-filled weekend tomorrow... and by then I'll probably know if I make it to the final round of the ScrapStreet Star contest or not. Keep your fingers and toes and everything else crossed for me okay....
3 Responses
  1. scrapgeek Says:

    Looks great - good luck :)

  2. ~currant7 Says:

    love the layout!
    great photos. :D

  3. Maggie Says:

    I luv the new colours and the album are super fabulous.
    Have a great week, don't forget me