Today is indeed a HAPPY hump day! :D

First of all, I got a layout requested for publication for the ScrapStreet monthly e-zine... not sure if this one's for May or June. I have 2 going in for May! YAY! :D

And I came home to more happy mail! Today I got happy mail from Gigi in the US. Thank you Gigi! Love those magnets! They are soooo cool! Don't think I will be using them for what they are intended to be. LOL!

Anyway.. mojo went missing tonight when I really needed to work on my round 3 project! Ugh!! Mojo.. please please come back!

Well.. off to bed now.. Autumn is definitely here! It's soooo cold today! And it's raining right now.. been really windy all day too! Perfect sleep weather! :D

YAY! It's Thursday tomorrow!
4 Responses
  1. Shirley Says:

    Congratulations! love happy mail days! stay warm and dry!

  2. Vee Says:

    love those magnets too!!
    congrats on the toot girl :)

  3. lee woodside Says:

    Oh gotta love happy Mail like that!

  4. Salut!

    MErci for all your sweet words!
    I didn't see the time passing!
    posted a new LO today, I finally took time between homework & housework!

    Who said that holidays was for having a rest??? ;o)