I had a pretty great birthday! :D

My bosses bought me morning tea and gave me the coolest present ever! Look at how prettily it was wrapped up? When I opened it, I was totally blown away! They gave me a digital photo frame. What it does is that you plug in a memory stick or a USB that has photos and music on it. Then you use the remote control (yes, it has a remote control! ) to play it. A slideshow of photos with music playing will appear on the screen. You can watch movies (if you have it on a memory stick) and also TV if you have an antenna!! How cool is that?!

After work, Jay and I had an early dinner at Harem (middle Eastern food) - it was pretty good. After that, we took a nice drive around the bays and went to Soi Cafe at Evans Bay for coffee. It was such a beautiful clear and sunny day. The cafe was right next to the water and we even saw seagulls right outside the conservatory where we had our coffee.

We went home after coffee.. I don't like going out late on weeknights, makes me feel really tired. My parents and my brother rang me to wish me Happy Birthday too. :D

All in all, a pretty great day!
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  1. ahhh those frames are SOOOO cool!!!!!!!! i love them...too bad I don't have the money to buy one *sigh* oh well lol so happy for youuu!!!!

  2. Pandachu Says:

    What a cool present!! Again, do your bosses wana hire me? :p