I can't believe that November is here!!

The year has past so fast!

It's my birthday next week! I'm turning another year older! Eeeeeekkk!!!!

This year has been pretty good actually...nothing bad happened... pretty cruisy and happy... as far as I'm concerned.. my 27th year has been pretty darn good! :D

Not sure what I'm doing for my birthday yet.. need to think about that.

Today I finally tracked down the alpha stamps I've been dying to get! So happy! I should be getting it in the mail tomorrow... so excited! :D

Anyway.. that's all for now.. back again tomorrow. I'm really trying to get back in the habit of blogging more.
4 Responses
  1. Natasja Says:

    Hope november turns out as a good month to!!!

    Don't forget to show the stamps!


  2. jazsutra Says:

    hi michelle,
    saw u at OPAAT DT.Hi im jaz.I juz got in for the winterDT n im thrilled...thrilled to get to know u great gals & OPAAT and all.come by yr blog when read that u were previosly from malaysia.im a malaysian.PR in Singapore now.Hope to get to know u beta. Lurve all your work.fabulous!

  3. Better wishes!!!


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  4. Pandachu Says:

    Happy Birthday coming up!!