Wow.. the weekend went pretty quick! On Saturday, I had a small get-together with a few friends to celebrate my birthday. A few of my friends weren't able to make it prior to previous commitments.

In the morning, I went out for breakfast with Jay and went to the Asian supermarket to pick up a few things that I needed to make mee goreng. Went home and packed my stuff to take with me to Elvry's since I'd be there all afternoon with food prep and all. Elvry picked me up just before 1pm and we went to get more food. After that, we went back to her place and started prepping food for cooking. I bought a pack of meat for barbequing.. easy way out. So all we had to make was the salad and mee goreng (fried noodles). We cooked, showered, got changed and then Jay got there with his friend. Both the guys did the barbequing.. and then a few more friends arrived. I think we finally started to eat just after 7... it was a really relaxed night.. just a bunch of friends getting together.. eating together and catching up. I really enjoyed it. My friends knew me so well. I got a voucher for my LSS and also some scrapbook papers and embellies. Another friend compiled a CD of mp3s - a lot of my favorite songs and some new ones that he thought I'd like. :D Went home around 11pm after cleaning up with Elvry. Jay left with his friend and I only managed to take of my make up, changed into my pjs, checked my email and practically fell asleep! All in all, a pretty tiring day, but I was really happy my friends made time to come celebrate with me. Unfortunately, there weren't many photos.. and a lot of them blurred due to the dim lightings. :(

My birthday cake that Jay bought for me - yummy black forest cake. :D

Some photo fun... the whole group minus one of Jay's friend.

Elvry & I - this sweet girl offered her house for me to have my little birthday get together... that was so nice of her. She also made yummy tiramisu and helped me prepare the food! Thanks so much girl!

It was a different kind of birthday for me.. usually I'd go out for dinner with friends at a restaurant, but doing it at home was a nice change too. A lot more relaxed.

On Sunday I just had a lazy day at home, scrapped a little and just chilled.
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  1. Pearl Maple Says:

    Happy birthday, looks like you all had a wonderful time together celebrating.

  2. ~currant7 Says:

    happy birthday michelle!
    love the photos and definitely show that you're growing older...to love hanging out at home! lol! :P