Me! Life has been crazy!! Absolutely crazy! I've had no time to even breathe.. much less blog! So much has happened in the past couple of weeks.. so I guess this will be a long post.. :D

What a weekend it has been! On Friday,16th November, straight after work I went to the Holiday Inn for the Stacy Julian and Friends event. Registration kicked off at 5.30pm and I got there earlier than Jo, Debs and Donna. It was quite interesting that a few ladies came up to me... and knew who I am! :D Apparently they've seen my photo from the Kiwi Jack Me Up blog... that was quite cool... got to meet a lot of new people and I got to meet Rae from the Kiwi Jack Me Up team too! :D

Got registered and got given a whole pack of products and my class schedule. After Jo, Donna and Debs finished registering, we went down to Esquires to catch a quick bite to eat before the crop. It was insane at Esquires! Only one guy working there on a Friday!?!?! Ugh.. anyway.. we were really rushed and just barely managed to make our way back to the hotel for the 'mingling' session. It was pretty cool.. we got to meet Renee and her husband Kent and also Stacy Julian and Nic Howard.. sadly I didn't get to see Wendy Smedley...I got a photo with Stacy Julian and Kent took a photo of us girls which he did post on his blog...

Photo courtesy of Kent Pearson - Kelly, Debbie, Jo & me

Stacy and me

After the meet and greet - the Mega Crop started. Stacy started by introducing herself and the other tutors. She went on to commence the Scrap Happy class. She mentioned something about needing volunteers and before she could finish her sentence, my hand shot up! I don’t even know what got into me! LOL! So there were 4 of us.. and she made us dance a little..haha.. for some reason, all inhibitions left me.. I didn’t care if it was embarrassing or not, I had fun! Her Scrap Happy lecture was awesome.. we were given workbooks and a lecture on the how to be happy - things we do that make us happy and things we can do to make us happy.. and then of course there was the synchronized stapling.... totally fun! After the little event, we had a little supper break. When we returned to the room, the 4 of us who volunteered were given cool WorldWin paper swatch... I got Stacy to sign mine. We were also given more freebies and a set of postcards which was the base of another mini class Stacy gave us.

The rest of the evening were spent doing our own scrapping - I didn't get too much done, but did do a page for my This Is Me Journal. I got home near to midnight and got myself partially organized for my class with Nic Howard the next day. I was completely exhausted after printing 2 photos and went straight to bed.

Saturday dawned.. a beautiful sunny day.. it felt amazing! I got all my photos printed and made my way to the Holiday Inn for my class with Nic Howard. Her class is just awesome! We did a clear mini album based on the things that 'represent' us at this moment. I left the class with a 80% complete album! More that I've ever managed to do in any class! So that was fantastic. I went home after hanging out and mingling for a bit.. met Trina at the Fiskars table...

Me and Nic

When I got home I finished up Lies's farewell card using the new Urban Lily secret keeper... I was pretty pleased with it.. :)

Went to the airport with Harridz and Yessy to see Lies off. Her flight got delayed for 30 minutes which gave us all a bit of extra time to hang out with her one last time. It was bittersweet.. she said a few words.. and we were still able to hold our composure. At the boarding gate, she went around hugging everyone and saying goodbye.. and when she got to me... I held on just a bit longer.. I'm going to miss her so much... Off she went to grab her bag.. and she turned around to look at me again... and came over for one more hug.. and that was my undoing... totally and completely broke down.. I couldn't help it.. she's like a sister to me.. and everyone kinda steered clear of me... Laura said she couldn't hug me 'cos she'd break down too.. I completely understood.. we were all very close.

After that, Harridz, Yessy and myself went to CHA for a late dinner and had a great time talking and laughing. It was good to take my mind of Lies's departure. We all went home and called it a night at about 11pm.

Sunday morning was spent finishing up the album from Nic's class the day before. And then I went down to the Holiday Inn to catch up with Jo.. the Christmas parade was on in town too. I got to see most of it as I made my way down to the hotel. When I got there, it was really quite, everyone's in classes. I chatted with Kelly and Rhonda and got to peak at the different classes and I purchased a kit from Nic's Confessions class. When Jo finished, we went downstairs to get a bite to eat and had a great catching up session. When the others finished we went down again to have another quick group chat and then Stacy took a few photos of us (which reminds me I need to email her to get them!) and went home after that.

Now.. everything else after that weekend have gone by in a total blur. So I guess I'll just post highlights...

  • Got a job interview at Victoria University Law School
  • Current employers offered me a very very very good deal to stay for another year.
  • Jay passed his last paper and will be graduating
  • I got sent a bunch of products to work with for the Aussie Scrap Source... my layout will be posted soon
Umm.. I can't even remember what else... LOL! So I'll stop here...

I promise I'll update soon!

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