At SISTV today... ends Friday June 27th, 12 CST.

Coupon code is ONEDAY - get 20% off your whole order!

Run now to the Boutique!!!

Have fun shopping!!! :D
9 Responses
  1. Hillary Says:

    Hi Michelle!!!

    I placed my order yesterday. :)

  2. TheresaK Says:

    Hello, Love your blog!
    ps.I shopped at the one day sale!

  3. kristina k Says:

    Yay! I went shopping. :):)

  4. I shopped--hooray for sales!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hey girl... cute blog.

    I shopped at SIS today. It was sooo scarey.. it was my first time.. i need some RAK's to help me with the healing... credit card healing that is.

  6. Lori W Says:

    bought some stuff at the boutique last night!!! :)
    Lori (lorwilb)

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Hey Michelle! I shopped too ... :)

  8. Bibiana Says:

    Hi Michelle:

    I shopped yesterday!


  9. Debee Campos Says:

    i wanna shop
    but i can't
    cuz i need to save up
    for a retreat with you
    i so wanna meet you girl