on her weekend and saw that it was awesome!

It was a long weekend here in Wellington - Queen's Birthday weekend and the last long weekend until October! Yikes!

Friday night I caught up with Nixon over dinner.. it was good. We've not seen each other for a few months.. and as always had lots to talk about. After dinner, Andy came and picked us up and off we went to Koko and Gina's place in Avalon. Andy sought out Koko's help with his comp problems and Gina and I had a lovely catch up session. It's been too long since we saw each other. After dropping Nixon home, Andy dropped me off and we chatted for a while in the car. He's leaving New Zealand indefinitely in a couple of weeks.. it's sad to see friends leave. At home I chatted with Edwin online and made plans for Saturday.. so that was good. :D

Saturday I had a mini sleep in (till about 9.30am) and just pottered around the house for a bit. Put finishing touches on my Scrapjack layout and emailed that off to Stacey. The FGirls and Mod Squad got to guest jack this month's jackee Lisafisa. Go check out the Scrapjack blog. Here's my take on the layout.

At around 1pm Edwin came and picked me up and we headed off to Old St Paul's church in Thorndon. It was really quiet which was good since we wanted to take photos there. I learned to use the different settings on my camera (I'm embarrassed to say that it's taken me this long to learn how to make full use of all the different settings!). Just experimented a lot really. It was good. We spent close to an hour there. Edwin of course is an amazing photographer and has a proper DSLR... and he's a great teacher too!

We wandered into town next... found a parking spot near Hotel Intercontinental and we bumped into Budi, one of Edwin's friend who's also an avid photographer. So we chatted with him for a bit and then wandered off to Queen's Wharf to find objects to photograph. I fell in love with the new Meridian Energy building. It's a really cool structure.. and there was a nice wooden panel wall there that I thought would make a pretty cool background. So I set up my tripod and tried to get jump shots using the timer. It was really frustrating as I couldn't get the timing right. God knows how many times I had to re-set the timer and how many times I jumped around (kept me warm though!) Edwin had a field day photographing me making a fool of myself. LOL! But I had a lot of fun.. and I finally got the shot I wanted... after I don't know how many tries.. but looking back through all the pictures I got, it struck me that I looked really happy in many of them.. even the blur ones.. even all the out takes.. I have never been a fan of my 'natural' shots.. somehow I just don't think I look good in them. But I was really pleased with some of the ones I got... I think I looked/felt really carefree.

And after we got sick of me jumping around, we went off towards Lambton Quay to look for a few more shots, by that stage, it was starting to get dark and we called it day - a very good day at that.

That night I stayed home and hosted the International Sisters Chat at SISTV. I chatted with Kevan for a bit too and uploaded my photos.. found that I shot 244 photos that afternoon alone! Crazy! And of course I scrapped.. tried to but no mojo for paper scrapping so I went digi for this month's Kiwi Jack Me Up. Come and play along!! Yup.. I used the photos I shot that afternoon!

Sunday was a very relaxing day. I got up and had my coffee... and turned on my laptop to check my emails and the SIS boards and then picked up Eat Pray Love which I started months ago! I usually read pretty fast, but in the past few months I just didn't have the luxury to sit for a few hours to read (well, sometimes I chose to scrap instead). But yesterday I wanted to finish the book and so I did! I caught up with a friend online too and then just hung out on SIS for a little bit till I went to mass at 5pm. Went to New World Metro for a few essentials and picked up McDonalds (I was craving it for some reason!) for dinner on the way home. The Chronicles of Narnia was on tv last night.. it was really good (yeah, I haven't seen it before) and now I can't wait to go and see Prince Caspian which is coming out on the 19th! After that, Girl with the Pearl Earring came on and I watched that too. Pretty good. I couldn't sleep.. not sure why.. but at 1.30am I suddenly got the urge to paint.. so broke out the acrylic paint and canvas! Painted for a bit and went to bed at 3am.

Today I had a real sleep in.. the first time in a lonnnnngggg while! It was nice since it was pouring down outside. Rained pretty much the whole day! I finally got to catch up with Giuseppina online.. we both kept missing each other for the past month or so. So we had a big catch up session while I finished up the canvas I started last night and then started and finished another one! Pretty productive I must say. Still have to take photos of them though.

Tonight has been pretty cruisy.. just relaxing.. chatted with Jay on the phone. He's got his back surgery tomorrow.. so if you could say a little prayer for him.. I'd really appreciate it. :D

So... it's back to the grindstone tomorrow.. I best get ready for bed and have an early night.

Have a great week!!
6 Responses
  1. Kate Says:

    loveeee your layouts!! seriously! and good luck with the photography!!

  2. Shirley Says:

    LOVE the layouts! P&PT for Jay's surgery....

  3. Dessy Says:

    Cool you went to Koko's house? How's Goddess doin??

  4. Candice P.J. Says:

    Fantastic layouts! I'm totally going to lift your b&w with color pics idea for my next one!

  5. giuseppina Says:

    i made it into a post??? how cool is that?!?!
    lets chat again soon!

  6. ~currant7 Says:

    i love the digi - so cool!
    love the shots. i wouldn't be able to do that...:P not much of a jumper in photos. :P