My week went by in a hazy blur... mainly just work and that's really it! :D

I did go running after work both on Tuesday and Thursday - so proud of myself for getting off my butt and get in some exercise. Although.. my hands and arms were totally frozen after my run on Thursday.. they were completely numb to the extent that I had to use the hair dryer to thaw them out!!!

Friday night I had plans with Lisa to have dinner and go watch Sex and The City. I got home from work, ordered some prints from Snapfish (they had a 1 cent promo that ended Friday midnight) and got ready. Lisa came and picked me up around 7.45pm and we headed into town. We went to ARoy, a Thai place to have dinner. We've both never been before.. the food were pretty ok.. nothing spectacular, but decent. After dinner we walked towards Reading Cinema and tried to kill time for a bit. At that stage we had about 45 minutes to go before the movie at 9.30pm. So we went to get our tickets which we booked online only to be told that we just needed to present the credit card with which the tickets were bought with at the stand where they take your tickets.. so that was easy enough. We both had a craving for ice cream... so went and checked out Wendy's and took us almost 10 minutes to finally decide on what to get. Heehee... ice cream is good!!!! The movie is freakin' brilliant! I LOVE the dialogue and the shoes.. and the clothes.. oh the clothes!! It was really an awesome movie.. loved every minute of it!!! And I'd go watch it again in a heartbeat if only tickets weren't so expensive! Got home and actually chatted with Kevan on MSN for close to 2 hours (no idea how that happened!) before i went to bed.

Saturday started out pretty uneventful... a little sleep in till about 9am.. got up.. got my coffee.. checked emails, checked SIS... etc etc... and then Elvry rang around 11.40 and asked me to go for yumcha (dimsum) and I was like.. but but.. I haven't showered! She just basically said... go get ready and I'll come pick you up! So I went to yumcha.. met Ivan, Elvry's Filipino friend.. it was just 3 of us at yumcha.. was great catching up with Elvry and getting to know Ivan.. we had lots of laughs.. talked heaps about anything and everything.. and of course food's always good! Just when we were about done, Dhani came by to catch up with us. Elvry was going to the All Blacks vs Ireland game that night.. and wanted to buy face paint.. so we went to the $2 shop and actually painted the face just outside the shop (yeah.. she couldn't wait!) LOL! And then Ivan wanted to go shopping so we headed to Lambton Quay.. drove around for a bit trying to find a carpark.. and eventually got one! Within 2 minutes of parking the car.. Ivan purchased a scarf! Geez.. talk about wanting to shop! hahahah... Dhani and I chatted quite a bit about photography and places to go take photos.. and just got to know each other pretty much. It was good. We've seen each other around at various Indonesian events before.. but never actually got introduced or talked. We agreed to contact each other the next time we go out photo hunting. So excited to have new friends to go take photos with! We ended up at Starbucks for a quick drink and Elvry dropped me home around 5pm.

Not long after I got home, Tuntun texted me to see what I was up to. I've not seen him since March.. and he was missing his brother who just went back to Indonesia. I told him that he could come over and hang out if he wanted company. I was hosting an International Sister chat on SIS at 8pm.. so was planning to stay in anyway. By about 6.30pm the weather had turned horrid! It was really cold and wet and I was soooo glad I was staying home! He came over around 7.45pm and we just hung out watching American Idol and Princess Diaries on tv.. and just caught up. And also I was hosting the International Sisters chat on SIS. I think it must have been really nice on the other side of the globe 'cos no one was around! Eep!!! Only Caro, Rach, Lesley, Natasja were around.. and Cris dropped by to say hi.. but that was it! Oh well...

Today I slept in since I went to bed really late last night... I signed up for the SISTV official ATC swap (despite saying that I won't take on anymore swaps for a while!), the theme is art. And I actually finished my cards!!! We had to make 15 each.. this is the first time that I've done something soooo far ahead of my deadline and actually liked them! Usually the pressure brings out my best ideas.. but I was so inspired from the moment I signed up for the swap and the whole thing came together quite easily for me. I just need to photograph them, get Stacey's addy and send them off to her!!!

I finally got to talk to Jay today.. he's doing well after his surgery.. thank you all who sent prayers and good vibes. He's home and not in too much pain. He's been doing his recommended exercises to strengthen his back and so he doesn't get stiff muscles from lying down too much too... so glad everything went well. :D

Well... I best be off to bed.. It's back to work tomorrow... and this week is going to be busy.. I just have a feeling! And this weekend, of course, is the SISversary weekend! I have so much to do before that!!

Have a fabulous week!!!
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  1. Candice P.J. Says:

    Sounds like a very eventful weekend!

    PS. I would be honored if you added me to your blog!

  2. Kate Says:

    I loveeeed sex and the city too :)

  3. Jacqie Says:
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  4. Jacqie Says:

    Hey babe...i'm so proud of you going jogging. Keep it up babe! It's worth it. Btw, we miss you here in Miri!!!

  5. Ruey Says:

    You had such a fab fab fab week. Sounds so much more exciting than mine!!