I love dresses.... whatever the season.. I love dresses and how they make me feel so girly and pretty.... had a browse through Anthropologie's website and these are the ones I'm drooling over.

This Dress

And this one!

Love the sunny color!

I want this so bad!

This is pretty sweet too!

How can you not want this?

Simple but pretty sweet


Just lovely!

Ideal for summer

Want this too!

Yes please

Well this one's not a dress, but I still like it all the same! I can see dressing this one up or down!
Simple, not plain

This project is so cool! I just stumbled upon it today. I wonder how it would feel to wear the same dress for a whole year and just bank on accessorizing and layering.

Read about it here

Ok that's it for now...
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  1. Shirley Says:

    Come on over and go shopping! LOL