I had the laziest weekend ever last weekend... I stayed home and just watched movies, listen to music and surf the web.... managed to do laundry and color my hair...

And I left the house on Saturday for dinner and a bit of grocery shopping and on Sunday afternoon I went to the Warehouse to look for storage bins for my paint and came home with 2! :) One chartreuse green and one hot pink. LOVE them!!!

Yesterday was pretty good at work... busy but not stressful. I even managed to get home by 5.30pm and cooked dinner. :)

I chatted with Tri last night and he told me about a few Indonesian songs (this is how i keep up with what's nice to listen to!) and also a really beautiful Japanese song which has amazing meaning! You can read the lyrics in English if you click on more info.

It's gonna be a busy today... I can feel it.... so better go get some breakfast in me so I have energy! :)

Have a great week all!!!
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  1. Shirley Says:

    What are you putting in the bins?