This week has been super duper flat out crazy at work I barely have time to breathe much less do anything else!!! By the end of the day I'm just totally brain dead and physically drained!!!!

Last weekend was super awesome actually... even though it feels like ages ago.. I still want to blog about it...because I had a really great time!

On Saturday I worked on the American Crafts DT call, hung out with Andre, my 'little brother' (he's actually a friend, 18-year old and we're really close like brother and sister) at home. I made lunch and we listened to music and surfed Youtube and chatted while I scrapped.

We then headed out to Satay Kajang for dinner with Priza, Mark, Bang Dade, Emir and another Andre and then went home to get ready for a night out in town. Ovy just turned 18 a week or so ago and she hasn't been clubbing yet.. so that was her big night!!

Lia's cousins from Jakarta (Edho, Ika and Ocky) were visiting too, so we club hopped a bit more than usual that night. We started at Tokyo Tea House, then went on to Jet just right next door but the music at Jet that night wasn't as good as usual, so we headed off to Maya... and that was really good fun especially when Priza, Mark and Adjie turned up to join us... and then from there we went on to Temperence... that was the first time clubbing there since they have quite a strict dresscode especially for the guys. We all amazingly got in!! Temperence has 3 floors with different DJs and types of music. That was pretty good too. After Temperence, my feet were starting to hurt a bit... Lia, Ovy, Ocky, Edho and Ika went home and I stayed in town with the boys. We went back to Maya for a little while and then headed off to Lotus. There was quite a queue there, and Priza crazily suggested that we go to Rain just for the fun of it, so off we went - only to find that it was closed for a private function!!! So we made walked all three blocks back to Lotus and stayed there. At about 4.30am, Dhani, the two Andres, Emir and myself called it a night and went off. We went off to get a bit of food and Andre, Dhani and I took a cab back to my place where we had a very late supper/early breakfast and then crashed!!!! I danced so much that night my feet were totally dead and my legs ached!

Click on the picture for bigger view.

Sunday was a lazy recuperating day.. Dhani, Andre and I lazed around for a bit and just hung out. At lunch time I got up and showered and Dhani went off to retrieve his car from town and meet up with Lia. Andre went back to sleep as I worked on my AC submission a bit more. Later that afternoon, Bang Dade came by and Dhani came back to pick up his passport and shirt and Lia invited us over to her place for dinner and karaoke. :) I don't usually go anywhere on Sunday evenings 'cos it makes me tired before work on Monday but this time I decided to. We had dinner and talked and laughed and had 10,000 BC playing in the background too. There was no karaoke that night! We had too much fun chatting and just hanging out. Dhani, Andre and I headed home around 10.30 and when I got home, I put all the things I needed to finish up my AC DT application together with the intention of working on it in the morning and went off to bed!

So that was my weekend... a pretty darn good one!!!!!!!! :)