Woohoo! Got my CC 2006/2005 class kits and Elsie Flannigan's new book this morning!

Thank you Kiwiscraps for the prompt service!!! :)

I don't have dance practice tonight.. so I can scrap and read my new book (I haven't even finished Ali's!) But all good.. trying to get some scrapping done tonight... have ideas spinning around in my head.. but no time to put to paper!

How's everyone's day going? Hope you're all having a great day! It's nice and sunny here today.. no rain.. and not windy.. it's beautiful!

P/S: I'm soooooo gutted that they didn't have Nic's Passport to Fun class kit left eventhough I sent in my order really early on Saturday morning (2am) :(

ETA: An angel has offered me Nic's Passport to Fun class kit! How sweet of her!! To my angel.. you know who you are.. THANK YOU!!!! You're a sweetie!!

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