I can't believe the weekend is almost over! It's 3.13pm on Sunday...

I've been having a great afternoon scrapping, praising LOs in the galleries I visit... listening to my favorite tunes on my iPod... taking photos and then I had a Eureka moment - an idea for a layout popped into my head just like that.

Then came the scrabbling for pen and paper and furiously sketching before I lose the idea! :) I've now got a new LO to do! I love moments like this... everything is flowing and being completely absorbed in the creative process.

The bonus is that it's bright and sunny outside and a bit warmer than the past few days. A sign that spring is approaching....

I hope all my friends and family are having as beautiful a day as I am.

2 Responses
  1. Lynda Says:

    Go Michelle, can't wait to see what you come up with. We had a gorgeous day up this end of the island too :-)

  2. scrapgeek Says:

    Sounds cool - can't wait to see the layout :-)