Good morning!!! It's such a beautiful day here in Wellywood today! The sun is shining soooo brightly! And it's not windy... pretty calm.. and warming up a bit too! :D

Right... some of you know that I'm doing a tag swap where I have to make 30 tags! 10 big ones and 20 small ones... and as I've mentioned in my post last week that I had to finish it (can't remember what day)... well.. I didn't.... not till last night!! I am sooooo relieved! I don't need to wreck my brain trying to think of all pink designs for a while... Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE pink! But.. I think that much pink in one hit is a bit of a sensory overload too!

So ladies (and gents)... here they are! Feel free to email me if you want directions or know anything about them! LOL!

Ok.. The last photo wouldn't load.. but I guess I don't have to post all of them. These are are the majority of the tags I made.

Anyway.. gotta get back to work!

Have an awesome day everyone!

4 Responses
  1. Lynda Says:

    Gorgeous Michelle - love them all!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Love the tags Michelle

  3. Ruth Says:

    Wow what gorgeous tags. And just realised that you won the CC swap pin comp - yay - your pins were the greatest. I am so into dedorating buttons now lol