I finally have a blog!!!

I've been meaning to start one for ages.. and last night before I went to bed.. I told myself that tomorrow I will start a blog... whatever it takes!

So.. after being told by Blogger that "..." blog name is not available.. i finally have one.. not far from the initial name I wanted to call my blog.

Over time, I will learn to make my blog look more me... I will learn how to customise the background and to make my own banner! LOL! There's a lot for me to learn but I'm excited.

After reading Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Donna Downey and a lot of other blogs.. I felt that it's time I really do it... planning sometimes is not enough.. I needed that extra little push to take the leap and create my own blog... a space where I share my thoughts.. my works of art.. my life.. and me!

Till then... catch ya later!

2 Responses
  1. Tan Family Says:

    hey mich...very good...very artistic...u have the art in u...good work..

  2. Tan Family Says:

    ops..its me ..
    your aunty corrine