Wow! This week has gone fast.. and lots have happened!

It's been a beautiful week weather-wise! Really sunny and calm.. not too windy and cold.. and I just feel so much more alive!!

Dance practice is going well. Almost got the whole routine down.. just the last bit that will probably be done tomorrow. Tomorrow we have a first rehearsal for all the performers.. and next Wednesday we have the dress rehearsal! I can't believe that it's only a week away and then it'll be all over!!

I can't wait for the weekend to get here so that I can finally scrap!! I've got a few LOs I want to do.. but haven't had time since I don't usually get home till about 11pm everyday. Today we did finish a bit earlier.. which is nice for a change.. at least I get to come home and blog for a bit.. check emails.. check out the gallery at 2Peas and then go to bed!

I've had a busy day at work and tomorrow will be too! Just trying to clear my in-tray so that I can start with an empty one next week! I've not had a clear tray in a while.. work has been piling in like crazy!!!

I need to get started on the Glam Girls CJ too this weekend! And my other CJ entry is due next week! Have to check what the theme is this month and start planning my LO! Oh boy.. I see a scrappy weekend ahead! Well.. of course there's all the laundry that needs to be done! LOL!

I had really great news today!! But I can't tell just yet... just keep watching this space!!

That's it for today...goodnite!

Good morning!!! It's such a beautiful day here in Wellywood today! The sun is shining soooo brightly! And it's not windy... pretty calm.. and warming up a bit too! :D

Right... some of you know that I'm doing a tag swap where I have to make 30 tags! 10 big ones and 20 small ones... and as I've mentioned in my post last week that I had to finish it (can't remember what day)... well.. I didn't.... not till last night!! I am sooooo relieved! I don't need to wreck my brain trying to think of all pink designs for a while... Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE pink! But.. I think that much pink in one hit is a bit of a sensory overload too!

So ladies (and gents)... here they are! Feel free to email me if you want directions or know anything about them! LOL!

Ok.. The last photo wouldn't load.. but I guess I don't have to post all of them. These are are the majority of the tags I made.

Anyway.. gotta get back to work!

Have an awesome day everyone!

Woohoo! Got my CC 2006/2005 class kits and Elsie Flannigan's new book this morning!

Thank you Kiwiscraps for the prompt service!!! :)

I don't have dance practice tonight.. so I can scrap and read my new book (I haven't even finished Ali's!) But all good.. trying to get some scrapping done tonight... have ideas spinning around in my head.. but no time to put to paper!

How's everyone's day going? Hope you're all having a great day! It's nice and sunny here today.. no rain.. and not windy.. it's beautiful!

P/S: I'm soooooo gutted that they didn't have Nic's Passport to Fun class kit left eventhough I sent in my order really early on Saturday morning (2am) :(

ETA: An angel has offered me Nic's Passport to Fun class kit! How sweet of her!! To my angel.. you know who you are.. THANK YOU!!!! You're a sweetie!!

My week has started off great! It's been an excellent day so far!

First of all, this morning, I received a box of scrapping goodies from my secret sister in the US. She's not that secret anymore - we've been emailing and this is the 3rd package that she's sent me as part of the swap. I got cool new American Crafts papers and Sassafrass Lass stamps, and the huge Heidi Swapp flowers that I've been wanting for so long but couldn't justify buying them... and Making Memories chipboard stickers and MAMBI alpha chipboard stickers... really cool stuffs! (will post pics when I get home!)

Then at lunch time.. I opened my email to a string of emails headed "Congratulations Michelle" from the Glam Girls. I was really surprised and my heart started racing when I opened the first email from the lot... Debbie wrote: Congratulations Michelle on winning the 1st Place in the Swap Pin category at CC06. I have one of your swap pins and they are just awesome!!!!!

And the other emails were along the same lines too! I was completely blown away because David from Kiwiscraps sent out an email on Saturday morning (really early in the morning) saying that the winners have been sent emails and will be announced in the next newsletter. I was kinda gutted that I didn't get an email saying that I won. So I completely forgot about it and moved on.

As it happens, the newsletter arrived in my inbox later than all the congratulatory emails from the Glam Girls. And when I checked out the news letter and saw this:

And the winners are...

Name Tag Competition - 1st: Libby Morris ~ 2nd: Jinny Bell
Swap Pin - 1st: Michelle Tan ~ 2nd: Fiona Leehane
Congratulations - Gift Vouchers are on their way to you all!

Believe me.. I was sooooooo excited I couldn't sit still! It's the first time I've won something like this! And it made me feel really good and more confident and I think this has just given me the shove that I need to start submitting LOs for magazine calls and design team calls.

Up to this point I've kept thinking that my work is not good enough compared to all the amazing scrappers' works that I've seen over at 2Peas and at the Kiwiscraps gallery and everywhere else for that matter. So.. hopefully I'll start submitting more and get published sometime soon!

Here are pics of the swap pins:

The one I submitted is in the second photo down - the second pin from the left on the top row (Black with b&w ribbons, red & black buttons). :)

Ok... I gotta go now.. It's time to go home.. well.. not quite home.. but straight to dance practice.

Will update this post later with more pics.

P/S: To make the pictures bigger, just click on them.



I can't believe the weekend is almost over! It's 3.13pm on Sunday...

I've been having a great afternoon scrapping, praising LOs in the galleries I visit... listening to my favorite tunes on my iPod... taking photos and then I had a Eureka moment - an idea for a layout popped into my head just like that.

Then came the scrabbling for pen and paper and furiously sketching before I lose the idea! :) I've now got a new LO to do! I love moments like this... everything is flowing and being completely absorbed in the creative process.

The bonus is that it's bright and sunny outside and a bit warmer than the past few days. A sign that spring is approaching....

I hope all my friends and family are having as beautiful a day as I am.

Saw this quote on one of the Making Memories (I think) embellishments. Really like it.

Love is life and if you miss love, you miss life.

I have dance practice again after work tonight. Started a layout last night. Sketched it last week but didn't have time to do the actual LO. If it turns out as good as the sketch.. I'll be very very very happy!
I love the sketch. It's one of those that looks and feels right and just gives you a really good feeling. That's how I feel about the sketch. I hope I'll feel even better about the actual LO when I finish it. :)

Have a great weekend ahead all!


It's that time of year again.... Indonesian Cultural Evening. This year it will be on 8 September. I'll be performing again... I've been performing for the Indonesian Embassy at various events yearly since 2001.

What a crazy week it has been.... dance practice every night. I'm exhausted. Not to mention I'm losing precious scrapping time!! Aaarrggghhh... this is killing me!!!

I've almost finished my tags for the swap I'm doing.. will post pics when they're done. I've got 4 more.. or is it 3 more to do and I'm done!! Then on with the circle journal entries for this month and then to start thinking of a new CJ topic for the Glam Girls CJ... boy oh boy I'll be busy!!

Today I just got my ticket bookings to Malaysia done.. and my travel agent is wonderful.. she kept looking for cheaper flights/airlines for me. So might change my bookings when I discuss them with Jay later on.... The best thing is that I found a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Miri (my hometown) on Air Asia for RM20 one way (NZD 10 or less!) It's insane!!!! I was sooooo happy! That's a majorly huge saving!! I almost couldn't believe it!!!

This will just be a short post 'cos I really want to get those tags done tonight.. so till then... Ciao!

Monday is here again - or should I say almost over! 45 minutes to go till I finish work! YAY!

I had a crazy start to the day! When I got to work, I thought that someone's already here because the lift was already unlocked. When I got up to my floor, the alarm beeped indicating that it's still armed. So I turned it off the normal way and went into the office. 2 seconds later the alarm went off at full blast! I had a great big shock! Went out to turn off the alarm again and the phone rang. The security company that monitors our alarm asked me for a code (which I don't even know) and all the time I was on the phone with her, I was crouching under my desk trying to hear her! After that, rang my boss and went back under the desk to talk and he said to try disarming the alarm again. This time, it worked, but still there's an error message. Good thing is the alarm did not go off again! Phew!

The day passed by pretty much in a blur. Nothing exceptional apart from the alarm blasting off first thing in the morning.

Tonight there's no dance practice which is a great thing because I'll get to finish off my tags for a swap and start on my CJ entries for this month and also hopefully finish one of my class projects from CC2006!! So much to do, so little time. I wish I get an additional 5 hours after work everyday.. that way, I'll be able to keep up with the ideas in my head!!

Anyway... that's all for now. I wonder what we'll be having for dinner?! Maybe Jay will cook... :D


A week ago today, at this time, I was having dinner with new found scrapper friends - Gwenda, Lynda, Gina, Kate and Donna. We went to Ibis Hotel for dinner and then adjourned to Hotel Intercontinental for coffee up in Kate and Lynda's room. We had a great time chatting and laughing and I really enjoyed meeting these ladies.

This week has gone by in a flash...Work has been really busy... lots of things going on at the same time. A few things have happened... nothing major or anything. First of all I started this blog which I'm still working on to make it look more me. Have yet to make a banner. Have one in mind.. will see if I can make it tomorrow. I also finished Ali's Today You album - when I say album, I mean only the patterned paper part. LOL! Haven't done the photos or the journalling yet. I think I need to get some new photos and journalling. Other than that, none of my other projects from CC2006 are finished yet!

What else? I received my layout from Linda (in The Netherlands) for my CJ. Woohoo! And got an order of paper and coasters - Ginx, Center City Designs and Chloe's Closets. Love the coasters!!! Apart from that, I have been going to dance practice for the Indonesian Cultural evening that will be held on 8 September. So it's crunch time for us performers to get our routine down. Yesterday evening, we had practice too.. it was lots of fun.. as we had some silly moments. (Check out the pics!!)

Didn't get home till about 1am!!! Finished practice around 11 and went for a really late dinner - more like supper actually. After a shower I practically conked out! Phew!

Today, I went to the Wakefield Market for lunch with Jay.. yummy! They only open from Friday to Sunday.. 10am - 5pm... so it's not something you can have whenever you want to. LOL! Came home and watched XMen 3 - I know, I know.. I'm behind times.. but I didn't have time to go see it at the movies when it came out. I actually preferred the 1st and 2nd one. The 3rd one didn't impress me too much.. not much action... :D Somehow, I was sooooooo tired that I fell asleep and took a 3 hour nap! LOL!

I'll be heading out into town with Jay soon.. a friend is leaving to go back to Korea for good, so we'll be meeting up with her and a few other friends (presumably) for a couple of drinks. And when i get home, I'll see if I can do a bit of scrapping! LOL! It's Sunday tomorrow, so it's ok if I go to bed late.... or I might get up early and scrap tomorrow morning instead. I have a tag swap due on 15 September...as in it has to be in the swap host's hands on 15 September. I need to crank 'em out fast!! I have 11 more to make and post out by end of next week!! OMG! And I have 2 CJ entries due soon too!! I have busy scrapping days ahead... only thing is that next week I have dance practice from Tuesday to Saturday.. so scrapping time will be rare! :(

Ok.. I think that's it for now.. have to hit the shower and get dressed.

Have a great weekend y'all!!


I am rather proud I must say... I went to my family's blog to figure out the html codes and where to put them and I managed to link my Flickr thingy.... :) And also how to change the links on the side.

I hope that I'll be able to figure out more day by day! :) Want to do a banner for myself too! That'll probably have to wait till the weekend.. till I have more time to play around with the images and all...

This afternoon I'm going to try figure out a bit more.. specially with linking blogs and all... :)

Till then..


I finally have a blog!!!

I've been meaning to start one for ages.. and last night before I went to bed.. I told myself that tomorrow I will start a blog... whatever it takes!

So.. after being told by Blogger that "..." blog name is not available.. i finally have one.. not far from the initial name I wanted to call my blog.

Over time, I will learn to make my blog look more me... I will learn how to customise the background and to make my own banner! LOL! There's a lot for me to learn but I'm excited.

After reading Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Donna Downey and a lot of other blogs.. I felt that it's time I really do it... planning sometimes is not enough.. I needed that extra little push to take the leap and create my own blog... a space where I share my thoughts.. my works of art.. my life.. and me!

Till then... catch ya later!