Wow! It feels like ages ago since I've blogged! Thanks for stopping by still even when I didn't have anything new to say! :D My back is good as new.. went to see a Chinese guy who did accupressure massage, and he's good! No more pain in my back!

Been quite busy too.... work and scrapping wise..lots to share here.. so hope you guys don't mind a loooooonnnnnggggg post... it'll be mostly pictures, I promise! Heehee...

I made a travel journal for a friend's daughter who's going to Australia for 8 days. :)

Did my entry for Nikki's CJ... her theme is a powerful word or a word that mean something to you. Here is my take on it....

I've been a bit slack about posting my daily cards... the part of scrapping that's most tedious is trying to get good scans or photos of layouts and stuff.. it's too hard to get anything decent after 4pm here (it's winter and gets dark really early).. and sometimes my scanner distorts the colors too much! So here are my cards for the past 2 weeks.

Ok although it says Sunday on my post.. I'm actually posting this on Monday! LOL! So I've also posted my card for Monday. :D
I got my July Collection from SIStv today... Shabby Rock Star.. check it out! WOOHOO!!! I LOVE it! Since I forgot to post pics of the June Collection - Window Shopping.. here it is too!

Window Shopping Collection

Shabby Rockstar Collection

Anyway.. thanks for stopping by and if you've made it till the very end of this post.... You're a star! :D
15 Responses
  1. Vee Says:

    that travel journal is amazing, love it!!
    cards wow!! you are not playing girl!!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Yay, welcome back Michelle...So glad to heard that your back is all better...I was worried! Just loving your scrapping and the kit looks great.

  3. Natalie Says:

    Love that travel journal! So cute!!
    And the cards are fab!!

  4. girl you are too talented!! i dont think i could be creative everyday with those cards!! wow! and that journal!? are you kidding me! thats awesome!! you rock chickie :))

  5. Ruey Says:

    omg....that travel journal rocks!!!! Have you got a bind it all machine??? Coz I want to know how to bind it all sooo neatly!!! It absolutely rocks!!! And your sistv pack is gorgeous....thanks for getting me addicted to that website!!!

  6. Pandachu Says:

    Ur travel journal is the bomb!! Well done! Thanks for putting up ur cards after my chant :p They're fab!!

  7. Siany Says:

    I. LOVE. THAT. JOURNAL!!!! Its awesome!! And your cards are fabulous!! Glad to hear your back is better.. and sorry to hear it was bad in the first place!! xx Siany

  8. JazzScraps Says:

    Oh!!! Welcome Bacccccckkkkk!! Glad to hear your back's getting better!

    Anyway, lurrrvvve the travel journal and cards and all those lovely scrapping stuff!!

    Way to go scrapping queen!!

  9. beth Says:

    you've been busy. your work is great. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Girl.. that Travel journal is awesome!! You've been so busy! WOW! Love all your creations.. just fabulous!! XOXO Nancy

  11. Ruth Says:

    That travel journal is very cool, what a neat gift. Love your art cards too

  12. wow!!! busy little bee you have been!!! LOVE the journal and the cards are soooo cute!!! I need to do that project...ugh just gotta find the time!!!!! lol

  13. Lisa Says:

    Michelle - thanks for checking out my blog! My banner isn't a digi kit, just something I threw together myself!!! Thanks for the compliment!!

  14. jess Says:

    WOW!!! i cant believe that travel journal!!!! ITs awesome!!! LOVE IT!!
    And your cards are fantastic! I love them!!!
    Xx jess

  15. ~currant7 Says:

    the travel book is awesome! that's really sweet of you to do. :D