It's Saturday and it's been a fine fine day... the weather was just beautiful! I woke up feeling deliriously happy when I saw the sunshine! The week has been awfully grey and wet and cold... and I'm just so glad that the sun finally showed its face.

I stayed up last night watching dvds, surfing the gallery at SIStv and started a layout which I finished the journaling this morning. I finally got enough guts to scrap this photo that Cathy Zielske signed for me when I attended one of her lectures last year at Crafting Connections.

Kiwi Jack Me Up #2 is also up today! This is my take on Roo's layout...Check out the Kiwi Jack Me Up blog (in my sidebar) to see the other jacker's takes. Initially I didn't know how I feel about this layout.. but it grew on me and I really love it now! It's quite different from my usual style.. playing with lots of paint and stamping the background.. but I must say I'm pretty happy with the end result!

Went out for lunch with Jay and Jin at the Wellington Market.. yummy! Despite the sunshine, it was pretty cold outside... came home and just mooched around most of the afternoon....

Then I went out with Chih and Lisa for dinner... it's been a long time since we caught up with each other and it was great to see them both again! We went to Sweet Mother's Kitchen and I had my first taste of jambalaya... I must say I quite like it.. the portion was huge.. so I took half home.. and of course we had to have dessert.. so we share a slice of key lime pie.. that was goooooood!!! :D An evening of good food, good friends, laughter... what more can I ask for?

When I came home.. I had the best of intentions to scrap.. but somehow I just didn't really get around to it.. I was just surfing the gallery and boards at SIStv and watching 6th Day and Two Can Play The Game on tv.. and that was my night!

Hope that Sunday will be a little bit more productive.. oh.. and I'll post my daily cards too! Need to photograph them...Till then! Toodles!
2 Responses
  1. Ruth Says:

    Great lo's. Love that you scrapped your Cathy photo.

  2. scrapgeek Says:

    Supercool layouts Michelle :)