Pretty laid back weekend... did a bit of scrapping.. caught up with friends and just cleaned and chill at home... :)

Started this last night and finished it up earlier this evening.. :) Layout done with SIStv Shabby Rockstar Collection (except for MM alpha stickers).

My daily cards for the past few days and also today's. :)

I finally got watercolor pencils today.. after reading Kal Barteski's blog, I was dying to try using them... did my daily card today with them.. I forgot how fun they (the watercolor pencils) are! :D I'm really looking forward to playing more... :)

Woohoo! Monday's over! Bring on Tuesday!!!!

Have a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!
13 Responses
  1. Nat Says:

    Awesome layout!!! And I love your cards!

  2. what?? your monday is already over?? jealous! mine has JUST begun. it's 8:20 and i just started work. bleh you suck :P and i left the comment on SIS before i read this, so it's not oil pastels you used, its water color pencils!! way cool! you are just too crafty miss michelle!!

  3. Shirley Says:

    thanks for the eye candy!

  4. scrapgeek Says:

    Awesome cards!!!

  5. Oh!!! Such eye candy :) I loved it all.

  6. feli Says:

    Hi Michelle.

    I love your cards. especially the daily cards. What do you use to make them? Its interesting that you can sit everyday and create. I wish I could do that.

  7. melanie Says:

    awesome cards! love the new pencils too - how fun.


  8. melissa Says:

    awesome work as always! left you some love on SIS ;)

  9. Josie Says:

    love all your cards!

  10. Vee Says:

    gorgeous cards!! :)

  11. ~currant7 Says:

    great tags dear!
    not sure if you have read my full update on your most recent postings since i just found out of the mcdonalds thing literally now. :P i was literally updating my blog when your comment came in. :)
    doing well...hope to be fully back by next week since i got another set of visitors coming. :)

  12. salut copine!!!

    ├ža va???
    what so much bright & vivid colors as I like!!!


    go go go goooooooooooo!!!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  13. Eminepala Says:

    Amazing creations sweetie... You are on a roll ;)