WOW! This morning didn't start out too good.. I woke up late.. rushed through my shower and got to work 5 minutes late! Thank God I live in town!!! To make things worse.. it was raining and freezing! Ugh.. so wish I could stay in bed!!

Got to work and logged on to the comp and of course checked out SIStv... got loads of comments on my layout and daily cards which I uploaded to the gallery last night. That made me so happy!

And then I checked out the message board as usual and went back to one of the threads I started and a SISter commented 'mizzm,congrats on the catwalk for this week!'. I was like.. huh? What? What catwalk?

I checked the catwalk before seeing that comment thinking that the new one isn't up yet as I thought I recognised a few layouts from last week... but I didn't scroll to the bottom of the page. Went back to look properly and saw the Michelle Ramirez picked this layout for the Catwalk this week!! Eeeeeekkkk!!! I just uploaded this late last night and just going to post here!!! OMG She totally made my otherwise cold and miserable day!! Heck.. she made my week!!! :)

Everything on the layout from SIStv Collection - Shabby Rock Star

The other cool thing is.... Vee tagged me!

:D How cool is that??!!
I'm tagging
Shirley Chai

LOVE reading these blogs.. and lots more but my brain's fried right now!

Here are my daily cards for yesterday and today... :)

Thanks for stopping by.. hope you'll leave me a comment so I can go visit your blog too!:) Happy Hump Day!!!

18 Responses
  1. Congrats on the Catwalk - that's a great layout :o)

  2. Nat Says:

    Congrats you kitty :-) Awesome layout and wonderful cards !

  3. Ruey Says:

    Happy Hump day to you too!!!! LOL....Congrats on the catwalk...it's a fabulous layout!!

    Hey girlie....what do I do now that I am tagged? LOL

  4. Siany Says:

    Congrats on the catwalk!! Love that layout and it deserves to be up there!! xx

  5. Mandy Says:

    Congrats on the Catwalk...love the layout! :)

  6. Vee Says:

    gorgeous tags
    you are rockin'
    and congrats for being on the catwalk, I love that layout :)

  7. corinne5 Says:

    Love your lo as well and cool cards!


  8. Tracie H Says:

    Congratulations on making the catwalk....your LO is awesome.

  9. Ahhh now I understand what a catwalk is, congrats Mich! Love the layout! It was great to learn another new thing about you, go you the Double Queen!!!

  10. Noelia Says:

    Congrats on the Catwalk! I had to go to SIS to check it out and left you praise! I'm adding you to my favorite SISters now!


  11. we have the same title today! haha thats so awesome that you made it to the catwalk! right on!

  12. Tons of cool stuff, M!!! Congrats! That page is gorgeous :)

  13. jess Says:

    LOVE your cards!!! They are awesome!! And congrats on the catwalk!! Your layout is gorgeous!!
    Xx Jess

  14. Pandachu Says:

    Congrats on the catwalk...pheewiiit!! Love the LO!

    Er, as with Ruey, what do we do now we've been tagged?!!

  15. Laurie Says:

    Happy hump day!! Congrats on the Catwalk!! Your layout rocked the Catwalk!!!

  16. melissa Says:

    how cool!-congrats on both the catwalk and being a rockin girl blogger ;) LOVE the layout

  17. ~currant7 Says:

    i so love the pool shark photo and layout. :D
    happy hump day!

  18. Wati Basri Says:

    congrats on the catwalk...and awesome layout there!! :)
    great stuff, girl!