I'm on the Catwalk at SISTV this week! :D Yippee!!!

Mel highlighted my chick lit layout on her blog today too! :)

So it's a pretty great day!! :)
18 Responses
  1. Leah Says:

    yay! congratulations :)

  2. Congrats, that's a really fab layout.

  3. Siany Says:

    Go you! Thats so cool!! Love your work, and you deserve to be up there!!

  4. Nat Says:

    Congratulations on the Catwalk - your layout is amazing!

  5. Ambearluv Says:

    That is sooo exciting, congrats :)

  6. congrats! you deserve the catwalk, your layout is amazing!

  7. So cool and well deserved!!!

  8. jo Says:

    yay for you! I loved that LO too! :)

  9. Miss Lai Lai Says:

    Yay! Well done...nuff said lah ya. You deserve it ;-)

  10. susan j Says:

    Yay I finally found your blog!! LOVE your LO's and your totally colourful style!! YUM!!


  11. Congrats!! I saw that layout over there and LOVED it! It's beautiful!!

  12. Angela Says:

    Congrats! And so deserving with that fabulous layout!

  13. Silvitanova Says:

    Congratulations! That layout is so cool!

  14. aleciagrimm Says:

    love that layout!

  15. ~currant7 Says:

    Looking good!
    Congratulations Mich. :)
    It's all uphill from here. :D

  16. Wati Basri Says:

    congrats...u deserve it...the layout is awesome! :)

  17. nessa Says: