Chinese New Year Eve today... was feeling a bit homesick - one of those rare times. Usually Chinese New Year Eve means a big family dinner and hustle and bustle throughout the day preparing for the dinner. I'm away from home and there really isn't much Chinese New Year atmosphere here in Wellington, so I was feeling a bit blue....had dance practice today and took lots of pics with Baby Zay... he's too cute! Look at his expression and the sideway glance! Hihihih... he lifted my spirits a little bit.

Spoke with mom and dad and Vince, my sister-in-law.. and then Sammy texted me to see if I've had dinner... so I met up with him and Priza and we went to Miyabi for Japanese. I very nearly had a very pathetic CNY eve dinner of instant noodles.. thankfully that didn't happen.

After dinner, mom rang again and we caught up for a bit. And I went to bed feeling a bit better than when I woke up this morning. :)
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    Hello. And Bye.

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    Hello. And Bye.