Went to 11am mass today and then walked along Lambton Quay. Was not looking for anything in particular... just window shopping and then I walked past Mischief Shoes and saw the sale table outside laden with orange hued shoes! I couldn't resist having a peek and I saw a pair of heels I tried on back in December on SALE!!! 1/2 price!! I went in, tried it on and in the end bought it!

Went to Borders to have a read and kill time before I had to go to the Embassy for dance practice.

Rushed home after dance, showered and got a ride to Rania's place where I met up with the girls - Rania, Tia, Ovy and Hana. Ovy and I went ahead to Readings to purchase tickets for Valentine's Day (the movie) for cheap Tuesday and then went to La Casa Pasta where we're having single girls' Valentine's Day dinner together. The others were a bit late but it was all good. We ordered, and while waiting for our food, cam-whored quite a bit. :)

After dinner, we went to Starbucks to hang out for a bit and then got dropped home by Rania's friend. I don't usually go out on Sunday evenings, but it was good to be out with the girls.. plus it's first day of Chinese New Year today.. so it's nice to not be alone.
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