I've actually been scrapping.. just keep forgetting to blog about my layouts! :) So here they are! (the newest first!)

Details for this layout here.

Details here.

Britt's birthday card and envelope

Details for this layout here.

Details here.

Details for this layout here.

My Happy Place details here.

I Must Have Been Nice deets are over here!

First 365 layout details here!

Thanks for stopping by!! :)
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7 Responses
  1. scrappysue Says:

    gorgeous layouts michelle!

  2. mandyb Says:

    wowsa girl you HAVE been busy!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    These are great LO's Michelle - I love the way you have used CS and not any 'system' for the 365, and that you're mixing it up so well.


  4. penuttpie Says:

    super cutey cute pages!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hey guys! i'm new here. my name's patricia and i'm from Portland.

    i like baking and baking friends. oops i mean making. hahah.

    umm i require to make new friends! it is hoped a real strong people like johnny bravo to
    sweep me off of my feet and pick me up and vibrate me like a baby! (...just kidding!)
    i think i like watching movie trailers more than i like watching movies
    and i wish that people would condense all movies to 3 minutes on youtube.

    if you hope for to send me a back rub down i can pay off it in jellybeans or uh.. nevermind.. i can pay you in jellybeans ONLY.

    i'm a pretty shapely person. i don't worry about anything. except for myself.

    it's freezing here during the winter and most of the year, so how does a trim minor girl stay|presentable?

    i only just get to go outdoors so i use spray tan. it works like magic and it covers up whiteness.
    so don't worry my cherry cheek friends (you don't have to lie and hint that you put on too much blush anymore!) ok anyway.
    i have planned boys swooning across me and let me tell ya.. i'm running| out of jellybeans ;) ;) sooooooooooooo

  6. woooohooo!! on a roll i see :) love love love!

  7. amy lapi Says:

    i'm so glad you've been scrapping! that birthday card +env is freaking gorgeous!!!