Gusti rang up and suddenly asked if I wanted to go for brunch. We went to the Occidental for build your breakfast (for brunch of course!).... went window shopping for a little bit and then met Emir and Rania. We looked at accessories for Rania and I ended up buying 2 rings at Diva. :)

Gusti dropped me off to dance practice and I had everyone sign Rania's birthday card. All of us went to Buller St to surprise Rania with her bday card and present. And then she came back to my place where I did her make up for her birthday dinner.

Relaxed for a bit, showered and got ready for a night out in town. We went club hopping and had lots of fun!! :)

Andre, Cendra and I had an early breakfast at KC and they both dropped me home. Cendra was leaving to go back to Indonesia permanently tomorrow. So it was good to be able to catch up with him.
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