Andre, Cendra and a friend, Nina, came down to Wellington - met up with them for coffee before heading off to watch Valentine's Day with the girls. It's been a really long time since I last saw Andre. Was really great to catch up with him.

Disha couldn't come at the last minute because she wasn't feeling well, so I rang Marc to see if he wanted to go to the movie. He met up with us at Readings and went with us girls. He nodded off at various parts of the movie - hahah... I guess it's too much of a chick flick for him!

After the movie, Marc went home to get his car and picked, me, Lia and Ovy up and drove us to Khandallah where we met up with Dhani, Andre, Cendra and Nina. Mom fed us! Yum! Very late dinner... Marc enjoyed the food too, so that was good...

Went home at close to 11pm... was a nice evening out!
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