My daddy's birthday today! Finished work a bit earlier and went to Borders to look for a present for Britt.

Dhani & Lia came pick me up and then Lia and I went window shopping to kill time.
Met up with Sammy & Gusti and we went off to Sweet Mother's Kitchen, but it was too full and we had to wait for 30 minutes, so we decided to have dinner at CHA instead. Food was great!

Since it was such a nice warm evening, we decided to go sit at a pub (The Black Harp) to people watch (Rugby 7s is on - and lots of people dress up in really interesting costumes!). We didn't actually stay for long and there wasn't many people walking around yet, so we left and went home.
Didn't do too much at home, just surfed SISTV gallery, checked Facebook and rang my daddy.
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