Today went soooo slowly at work.. not too sure why! I usually love Mondays.. but today it felt like Monday dragged on for far too long!

I had dance practice after work... took the cable car up to the top of Kelburn and walked to the Indonesian Embassy. I'm glad I took the Night World Vol 1 book with me... re-reading this again.. since I need to stop buying books for a while in order to save up for the iPod Touch that I've been dying to get. :) I read on the cable car and at the Embassy while waiting for practice to start and again at home... sometimes I just get so engrossed in a book I can't do much else. Especially crazy in the cases of the Twilight series since I've read it so many times and I still find it hard to put the books down, even after re-reading them. I'm finding the same problem with the Night World series today... :)
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