Woke up early and got picked up by Dhani. We went to Mba Nina's place to pick up the remainder of stuff left over from the last garage sale.

Jeffry and Mba Nina invited us in for breakfast... got to hang out and love on Kezia and Zay for a bit.. :)

Went to Rania's place and set everything out to sell. Spent most of the day just socializing and enjoying the sunshine. Tante Eti sold bubur ayam too... yum! :)

Got dropped home by Bang Dade and then went to evening mass. Stopped by Priza's to hang out for a bit and went to dinner at Wholly Pizza with Priza, Mark, Sammy and Adjie. It was nice to finally try New York style pizza.. they were huge!!!

Went home to bed early - blasted migraine! UGH!
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