Got up super early and got picked up by Kevin and Mario today. Went to support the boys at Culture Kick in Berhampore - was drizzling for a bit and then it cleared up, but still pretty cold and windy at times!! I was pretty much the only girl (in our group of friends) who was there that early!! Lia and Ovy came along around 11am so I wasn't the only girl there cheering the boys on.

There was a bit of eye candy around but at the same time a fair share of eye sore too!! :D

Poor Emir got injured and ended up in A & E!! :( After both our boys' teams lost, all of us went to A & E to check on him only to find that he would be a while yet, so we went to search for lunch at Yeung Shing Chinese Takeaway - pretty much everyone's favorite! :) 

Not long after, Emir actually turned up there with Bang Dade who took him to A & E. That was a pretty late lunch and then I went on to Oriental Bay with Dedi and Edwin to just hang out for a bit and had gelato from Kaffe Eis.

Went home and slept till 7pm - had a splitting headache!! Did a bit of ironing and then went back to bed!
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