Got up really early to get hair and makeup done for dance performance. Managed to take pictures and still have a fun time while we're all rushing around. Checked out and drove to Hastings at 10.30am. We got there with plenty of time to spare before our turn to perform. It rained on and off but never for long, thankfully. Our performance went really well and we truly enjoyed ourselves today.

We had lots of people asking to take photos with us and finally left to get changed into normal clothes! :) All of us had kebab for lunch and then started making our way back to Wellington.

Most of us napped in the car for a bit and just had a pretty quiet journey home - all of us were pretty tuckered out! Dedi somehow took the wrong turn and we ended up in Palmerston North - so we rang Andre to pick up our pendings (belts for our dance costume) and went on home to Wellington. Finally reached KBRI around 8-ish. Got dropped home by the Subandrios.

Bang Dade stopped by and dropped of presents from my brother and mommy... I got 3 new tshirts from my brother and a new knitted cardigan (sort of) and 3 pairs of tights from my mommy! YAY! :)

Went to bed early... it's been a really long day!
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