Super busy 1/2 day at work today. Had breakfast with Russell and Paul and then Russell dictated a report to me. Thankfully both Russell and Paul dropped me home at lunch time so I managed to get home in time before I was picked up to go to KBRI. Hung out at KBRI with the girls waiting for Tante Yanti and Mami Dien to arrive so that we could all depart. Had a yummy lunch of kroket, tahu isi and lemper.

We took off around 2pm and everyone of us were totally excited for this road trip. We took photos, listened to music, chatted, laughed, napped and I even read during the car ride. We got to Napier around 7pm and got checked in to Quest Hotel.

We were met with a few Indonesians from Napier and taken to dinner at CHAI. After dinner, all of us returned to the hotel and had an early night in preparation for the long day tomorrow.
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