Uploaded photos from last night on Facebook as I promised Bunda. Did one load of laundry, cleaned up my room a bit, jumped in the shower and got dressed.

Gober and Bibhien came by around midday as agreed - I worked on their make up and then my own for the Southeast Asian Night Market event this evening. Got picked up and driven to Shed 5 where all performers (from all the different countries) were congregating and where the restaurant/bar has been cleared out to convert into one huge waiting area for all of us. It was fun people watching and catching up with Palmy friends.

Had my hair taken care of by Mba Nina while I catch a moment to breathe. 

Performed twice tonight.. the first time was a bit nerve-wrecking since we were performing on a heavy platform on the water!! It took a bit to control my balance as the platform moved quite a bit. Russell and Sarina actually turned up to watch me dance! :) 

Had a wonder around the food stalls to have a look.. lots of people stopped me and some of the girls to take photos with us in our full costumes. It was pretty fun! :) 

Second performance went a lot better and I managed to get used to the moving stage, so was able to keep my balance a lot better! I had fun and was kinda glad when it was over and we could get out of our costumes.. of course not before copious amounts of photos were taken. 

Hung out with the girls and others at the Indonesian stall for a bit - ate a bit and just chatted. Initially wanted to go for coffee, but everyone was just too knackered! So we all called it a day. 
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