Where do I start??! Daylight savings started yesterday! Yay! I love it... I love that the days are longer...love leaving work and it's still bright outside. I love that summer is around the corner!!

I had a scrappy weekend. Worked on my Glam Girls CJ and also my Lap 2 Challenge layout for the Scrappy 500 at Scrap Street. Unfortunately I can't load my Srappy 500 layouts here yet... rules of the contest. I'm really happy with my CJ and my layout for it. I had a lot of fun doing it and enjoyed every minute of the long process (I'm a slow scrapper and take a while before I'm totally happy with my layouts).

Sorry about the funky scan - the scanner doesn't like lumpy embellies... and it's too dark for me to take photos. IRL the colors are a lot more vibrant.

My CJ Cover (front & back)

Inside cover & Instructions

My layout

Today I found out that I am still in the race! Yay for me! The
Lap 3 Challenge is a huge one!! I've gotta get started tomorrow! I have the idea for it already..just need to put it down on paper..

Work has been insane! I took some home to do in the weekend and my day was full on today.. I was exhausted when I got home I barely had energy to scrap! Tonight is TV night... Friends, Shortland Street, NZ Idol, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Chief of House (I think that's what it's called)...I usually scrap with all these shows on.

Finally paid for my ticket to go home to Malaysia over Christmas and most of January. Jay is coming with me too! I just can't wait! I haven't been home for 3 years. I went home on a 2-day business trip last year so that didn't quite count. Only sad thing is that my brother, Gary won't be home this year. He's planning to go home in February.. so I don't get to see my little brother till I don't know when.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is the girls trip up to Auckland over Labor Weekend (21 October - 23 October)... I just can't wait to relax and hang out with Lies, Laura and Jessica - shopping, lots of yummy food, Dunkin Donuts!! and just having fun!

Auckland Glam Girls - maybe we can meet up for coffee? Just a thought.. I totally understand if you gals have other plans though. Will get in touch a bit closer to the time.

Anyway.. that's all I have energy for tonight... I'm off to bed! I've got a long work day ahead tomorrow!

Good night all and thanks for peeking on my blog... leave me a message/comment to say hi if you pop by. :)

3 Responses
  1. Bella Vida Says:

    What a gorgeous beggining to wonderful circle journal. I luv the pages you have created.


  2. Shirley Says:

    Wonderful layouts!!! YAY for you on being able to go home! Have a wonderful time!

  3. scrapgeek Says:

    Wow - that looks stunning Michelle! Can't wait to see it "in real life". No idea what I might be doing when you are up here - but keep in touch - who knows :-)