Ok Glam Girls - here's a sneak peak of my entry in Gwenda's CJ. Gwenda - I'm putting the whole picture in my gallery in 2Peas... so don't go peeking there if you want to be surprised ok. :D

I had a great time working on this entry Gwenda... and being totally true to my love of color here. :)

Kate - this will go out to you in the mail tomorrow!

Okay... I need to get on with my scrapping. I have to get started on my project for the final lap of the Scrappy 500 challenge. Till then.. toodles!!
10 Responses
  1. Corinnexxx Says:

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. i love the butterflies so far!


  2. Michelle Says:

    Hi Michelle. Have been lurking for a while so wanted to say and really enjoy your blog! MichelleTW

  3. scrapgeek Says:

    Looks gorgeous Michelle!!

  4. Lynda Says:

    Love those colours, very funky!

  5. Nat Says:

    Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comment on my blog ;-) Wish I had the card in my mail - love it!

  6. Dessy Says:

    Cool one Mich! BTW I have a feeling you might win the competition thingy (my senses are usually right), so if u really end up being the winner traktir2 gua ya, hihihi j/k

  7. xobellaaimox Says:

    ohh baby!! lovin those colors, and congrats about scrappy 500. OH and i'm not sure if i told you that your hambly LO was fab fab fab.

  8. melissa Says:

    wow so bright and fun! love it :)

    BTW-this is my first time at your blog and it rocks!

  9. ~currant7 Says:

    Super nice work, Michelle!