Wow! I didn't realise that it's been over a week since I last blogged! Had a busy busy week... and a busy one ahead too!

Highlights of last week:
  • Finished my Lap 3 Challenge for Scrappy 500 with time to spare (instead of sliding in 2 minutes before cut off time!).
  • The weather was awful all week - rain and gusty winds!! Eeeeeeekkkk.. what happened to spring coming with daylight savings!?!
  • Work was insanely busy I thought it'd never end! (still hasn't ended!)
  • Watched America's Next Top Model Season 6 (yeah.. we're a season behind!) - I just can't get enough of this show!!
  • Went to my LSS and bought a few more sheets of American Crafts 'Play' paper and 2 new sets of ribbons - one of them is the Tie Rack range! I just soooooo love them!
  • Went to Queensgate Mall with Jay and had a nice time shopping and looking around.
  • Had dinner at a new place with the girls - we have a habit of ending up at our favorites but this time managed to go somewhere new (new to us that is).
  • Met up with a friend, Kav and his new girlfriend for yumcha on Sunday.
  • Scrapped a bit - although haven't actually finished anything yet.

So far this week:

  • I found out yesterday that I am proceeding to Lap 4 of the Scrappy 500 challenge! It's now down to only 20 scrappers! OMG!!! The pressure is definitely going up!!!
  • I have started on one of my Lap 4 assignment, but yet to finish... and have to start thinking of the other one.
  • Dragon Flaire's website will be up soon! I'm really really excited!
  • I am looking forward to the long weekend next week - girls trip up to Auckland, spending quality time with the girls, catching up with friends, a little bit of partying, a lot of eating yummy food, hopefully a bit of Christmas shopping and lots of photos!!
  • I am behind on my CJ entries! I have 3 to do! So have to get started soon! It's all up in my head just need to get them down on paper.
  • I am doing a bit of scrapping here at work today because the bosses won't be here for another hour! Just doing the journaling for Ali's Perspective class I did in August - yup.. I'm a slow scrapper!
  • I realised that I'll be another year older in less than a month.
  • I am looking forward to going home for the holidays this year - I haven't been home to see my family for 3 years!

That's about it for now.. will try to update more this week.

Have a happy week everyone! Thanks for stopping by!



3 Responses
  1. Lynda Says:

    Yup, sounds like you are a very busy girl at the moment. Hope things ease up a bit for you soon. Hey what is the link to the scrappy 500 site?

  2. Dessy Says:

    Good luck on the competition Mich!

  3. ~currant7 Says:

    Good luck on the Scrappy500! I know you will so rock the competition, if you don't win!!! I know about feeling swamp...I feel that everyday these days. :)