7.20am - do I have to get up? I think I'll snooze for 10 more minutes

7.40am - okay... lets get the coffee before anything else

8.07am - right... what shall I wear to work today? Is it gonna be cold today? (peek outside the window)

8.11am - I better sketch that idea down before I lose it all! (sketching furiously and checking the time)

8.20am - better get going, I'll be late.

8.21am - (while walking down to work) Dear Lord, thank you for another new day. Please bless my family and friends and help Jay in his exam today. Help me to get through the mountain of work on my desk too and help me not to be tempted to Pea or read blogs. Amen. Hmmm.. what meetings has Russell got today? Will Sarina be coming in to work today? I must email the travel agent to confirm travel bookings. I have to post Linda's CJ entry at lunch time. Oh... don't forget to do the banking too... Have to go grocery shopping tonight... and then do another load of laundry when I get home.

8.27am - (Squinting) Isn't that Santy? Yeah.. it is... "Hey Santy..bla bla..I better go now.. I'll be late for work. Catch up with you another time ok."

8.37 am - Ok...either Russell or Nick's already here. (arrive at work) Russell's here.. oops... he must be thinking that I slept in this morning!

10.00am - I'm hungry.. what should I have for lunch today? Feel like having Singapore Fried noodles from Longxiang round the corner. I need food right now... :( I guess I'll just have a cup of tea.

10.53am - Oh great! More work piling up around me!!

1.00pm - Off I go to do the banking and post off one of my CJ entries. Phew.. that's one down on my scrapping list.

1.26pm - YUM! I'm finally having lunch. Today it's Singapore Fried Noodles from the Chinese restaurant around the corner. Adding more to this post as I eat at my desk. By the end of the day, I'll have a good list of what passed through my head and what I did today. I can see this post becoming a layout.. hmmm...

4.24pm - Russell go home so I can go too!! Grrrrr... when is this day gonna end?!

4.33pm - I need to go to the supermarket after work. I need to get toothpaste, bread, some fruit and vege, hmmm... what else did I need?

4.42pm - Oh goodie.... only 18 minutes to go!! And I can go home and scrap!! Hope my mojo comes back tonight!!

4.53pm - Alright! By the time I clear my desk and shut down my computer... it'll be time to go!! WOOHOO!!!

4.56pm - I guess I can post this blog now and just add to it later on at home.

5.18pm - Grocery shopping and then went home. Had a shower and had dinner.

7.30pm - Pulled out my MM paints and painted the cover of my CJ, surfed 2Peas gallery and watched TV.

9.45pm - Created new layout with Katie's Dream kit from Dragon Flaire.

11.15pm - Posted layouts on 2Peas and Creative Express and trying to post on blog. Updated CT forum with links to layouts on the different websites.

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  1. ~currant7 Says:

    A very detailed list ha! :)