Okay okay.. I have been so slack in updating my blog this week. These are photos of the Indonesian Cultural Evening last Friday.. I know it's a week late.. (told you I was slack)... but I was waiting for some of the photos from my boss. The photos of me dancing were all taken by my boss, quality not that great as flash photography wasn't allowed. But it's better than not having any photos at all.

Photos from back stage before the show:

Braiding Edwin's hair

Being the crazy girls that we are... Chiqa and I before our opening dance.

Our favorite photo:

Opening Dance - unfortunately a little out of focus and I don't have many photos. These photos are courtesy of my boss.

Chiqa and Gana in costume for their dance.

Backstage in costume and on stage for our Goyang Gemulai danc

Chiqa, me n Gana before he goes on stage singing with the band. Chiqa and I finished performances for the night and have changed into normal clothes. :)

Okay... more photos to come in the next post.....
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  1. scrapgeek Says:

    Looks like a very cool night Michelle. All of your hard work paid off!!