Wow.. I didn't realise it has been about a week since I last updated my blog!

A few interesting and fun things happened.

First of all, I now can't post my first CT project here and had to pull it from the galleries that I posted on. Maggie asked Vicki Stegall (owner of OScraps) if she'd like to feature my project on the OScraps newsletter and blog. And Vicki came back to say yes.. so my project will be in their newsletter in November and on their blog at some point! Woohoo! :) Although this is not quite getting published.. the news still totally made my day.. heck my whole week! :D

On Friday night I had dinner with the girls and then just went home and scrapped till 3am! LOL! And the craziest part is that I got up again at 7.30am on Saturday morning to finish my layout because I had to have it in by 6pm 22 September (Scrap Street time) for the Scrappy 500 challenge! I was quite tired after I finished and took an afternoon nap too! LOL! But well worth it! I love how there's another layout to add to my album.

Saturday night I had dinner with Laura and Chiqa again and then Harridz came to meet up with us and we went to Expressoholic for coffee. Met a whole bunch of our friends there and it became one big laughing/chatting/teasing session! It was great fun. Went home after that and went straight to bed! I was totally lacking sleep!!

Sunday I slept in till about 11.30am. Took a shower and then went to the work PO box to check if my Crop-A-Dile has arrived from Kiwiscraps and it had!! Was totally doing the happy dance! Went down to Lambton Quay to get photo paper at Whitcoulls but they didn't have the one I needed. Then I gave Laura a call and met up with her, Harridz and Adri at the Wakefield Market where we had lunch. After lunch we drove up to Boyd Wilson field at the university and watch the Indonesian guys play soccer against some of the Kiwi guys. It was really cloudy and foggy that day.. and the wind was soooo cold!!! It was fun though. Must remember to get the photos off Priza. After the game, I went to evening mass with Adri, Priza and Ditha and then went home. Just chilled at home surfing the Net and watching Bringing Down the House on tv.

This week has started out great!!

Yesterday I found out that I'm still in the Scrappy 500 race over at Scrap Street. Phew! I thought I'd be cut out after Lap One.. but turns out I'm still in the running for the prize. Gotta start thinking of how I'm gonna do my Lap Two layout. Unfortunately, the rules of the competition is that I can't post my layout here until the competition is over or until I get kicked out of the race (hopefully that doesn't happen!).

I finally received the Stampendous stamps that I've been waiting for so long and it was a mission to locate a website that sells it!!

Yesterday I got a really cool RAK from Jay's friend who left to go back to Korea. He gave me his dryer! Woohoo! Now I don't have to pay $4 everytime I need to do laundry. I just need to pay $2 for washing and I can dry them in my own apartment! And good thing is that the dryer fits under my kitchen bench (my bathroom hasn't got a power point).. and of course I don't pay for power! :D I love it!!!

This morning I received a RAK from Debs in the post.. THANK YOU Debs! You totally spoiled me! She sent me soooooo much stuff! Chipboard album, buttons (she knows I'm crazy 'bout them), sequins, an alterable clipboard, ink pads, black cardstock a 12x12 pack of really cool vellum and stickers... and OMG I'm just so overwhelmed by her generosity!! Thank you so much girl!!! You ROCK!

Hmmm.. what else.. I've got a whole bunch of scrapping to do this week.
  • 4 layouts for Dragon Flaire - I've just finished one!!
  • My Glam Girl CJ to be done and sent out to Kate.
  • Global Peas CJ - layouts for Michelle S and Tammy.

I'll be one busy girlie!! Gosh!

Oh well.. that's all for now.. hopefully I'll have some time to update tomorrow (if there's anything interesting for me to post) :D Back to work... *sigh* Wish I'm at home scrapping!

Happy Tuesday! Hope y'all have a great week ahead.



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    You do beautiful work!