The worst thing that can happen to a scrapper is happening to me right now.

I lost my MOJO!! This is soooooo not good! The worst timing of all! I've managed to scrap one page tonight... and I am in dire need to get more scrapping done but my mojo has gone MIA.. nothing is inspiring me right now.. I've gone through the gallery at 2Peas (on dialup it's really slow and frustrating) and have seen so many wonderful layouts..but nothing is helping!

Bits and pieces of ideas are floating around in my head.. but nothing seem to be coming together in one coherant idea for a layout...

This is unbelievably frustrating and annoying! I've got deadlines to meet and I am so scared I can't meet them.

I think I'll turn in early tonight. There's no point trying to force myself to scrap when no creative juices is flowing.

Ok... vent over.. good night all.


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